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Web Sites with strong foundations

Like many of the world's leading brands, we don't settle for anything less than the highest quality domain names.


We operate a network of sales and information web sites, covering a wide range of topics.


Everything we do is underpinned by the highest quality domain names.

About Us
How we got here

SafetyNet Systems has traded continuously since its inception as a partnership in 1994. The company was formed to supply goods and services to business, following the arc of supplying office machines, computers and networking, bespoke commercial software, through to web site design and hosting.

As the internet grew in popularity, with new online business models continually emerging, it became clear that our future lay in building a network of our own web sites. From our experience with building third party web sites, we knew the advantages that came from building web sites on the strongest of domain name foundations, so we spent many years securing the highest quality domain names for our network.

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Only The Highest Quality Domain Names

Our business is built upon high quality domain names comprising pure common terms, with either the .com or extension.

After making the decision to build our own network of web sites, our experience with third party web sites meant that we understood the importance of securing the best possible domain names to build upon. In 1999 we registered the first domain names for our network, but the world was waking up to the importance of domain names for online projects and it became increasingly difficult to grow our network.

Starting in 2000 it became clear that the only way to grow our network of web sites, whilst maintaining the quality of domain name we desired, was to look at domain names that were becoming available to register again, after being abandoned by a previous registrant. That meant competing with other parties who were seeking to do the same. This was a time consuming and expensive endeavour, with the difference between success and failure measured in milliseconds.

Owning the best possible domain name for a common term means that there are inevitably many other parties who would also like to own and use the same domain name. After more than a decade of receiving and declining unsolicited approaches from parties wanting to buy our domain names, it became increasingly obvious that our digital assets held significant value in terms of resale and not just from our development.

As such, where it makes commercial sense, we will consider selling a domain name rather than developing it ourselves.


Web Sites with impact


A Powerful Combination

Our own experience, and reading accounts from other companies that invested in the best possible domain name for their business, shows that the combination of a solid business model with the best possible domain name for that product or service creates something greater than the sum of its parts.